About Us

Fairview Gutters and Exteriors Ltd. is a locally-owned, full-service gutter operation serving the Greater Vancouver area. Owner Joel Forsyth, who has been in the home improvement and property management business for over 10 years, is fully licensed and insured and serious about helping his customers with their home gutters. Over the years he has made a lot of connections with workers in every aspect of home improvement including siding, windows, roofing, and floor coverings. His business is independently owned and operated and he runs the day-to-day operations.

Gutter Maintenance in Vancouver

If you have an issue with your home’s gutters, Fairview Gutters and Exteriors is only a phone call away.

Joel is a professional consultant and his mission is to solve your gutter and water drainage problems. Joel offers standard gutter installation and design and can help determine what gutter protection systems or other products may be right for your home and your budget. When you work with Fairview, you can depend on unsurpassed service and quality.

Get in Touch

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, call us on 604-874-RAIN (7246) or fill in your details below